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Title: what can you do to reverse the effects of the aging process on the nails?

Writer: Dr Anahita Vali

Background & aims: Aging can effect negatively on the nail apparatus. Systemic diseases, localized dermatologic disorders and environmental factors produce changes in the aged nails. Exact recognition and avoidance of these causes is the mainstem of antiaging management of the nails.

Method & materials: This is a review article based on text and paper review about nail aging.

Results and discussion: Healthy nails grow from within and needs sufficient blood supply. Prevalence of atherosclerosis, hypertension and diabetes mellitus are increased in older age group. Function of the nail matrix may be impaired because of impaired circulation and neuropathy. So the first and most important step in maintenance of healthy nails is attention to general health by diet and exercise.

The most frequent nail changes in the elderly are brittle nail. The pathogenesis of brittle nail is normal changes in the nail matrix; nail formation becomes slower so the nails are subject for more prolonged periods of time to trauma. Nails in the elderly are thinner and have less cohesive onychocytes. Repeated water immersion exacerbates brittleness.

As a summary we can prevent nail aging by following procedures:

  1. Healthy diet, regular exercise and maintenance of general health.
  2. Treatment of localized dermatological disease .e.g. psoriasis, eczema.
  3. Avoidance from repeated water immersion.
  4. Avoidance from solvent induced injury .e.g. acetone by repeated nail polish application and removal.
  5. Frequent application of emollients.
  6. Keep nails short and filing rough edges in one direction, clipping immediately after bathing.
  7. Supplement consumption: Biotin2.5 mg per day.

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