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fat transfer versus filler in cosmetic rejuvenation

Writer: Dr Anahita  Vali

Dermatologist & venereologist

Background: As one ages the underlying soft tissues of the face progressively lose their elasticity and volume. Rejuvenation is done by 3R, Relax, Resurfacing & Refill. Which is the best choice for cosmetic refill? Is always the Fat is the best filler?

OBJECTIVE: To determine the best choice for tissue augmentation individually with considering patient factors e.g. anatomical area, age, down time, cost…

METHODS,&MATERIALS: A literature search of PUBMED & Google scholar was conducted of all English-language articles published from  2000-2017.

RESULTS:  Filler & fat are both safe & effective in experienced hands but expert advice must consider different factors e.g. extent of volume loss, anatomical site, cost, patient preference, allergy & autoimmune disease…. The choice of the best must be based on the patient’s particular needs and the specific defects that need correcting.  

CONCLUSIONS: The best choice for refill of tissues depends on several factors about patients. Fat is better for large volume loss (more than 10 ml), body, cheek, temporal,   zygoma & has more longevity. Filler (Hyaluronic Acid) is better for lip,periorbital,small volume loss &has little down time, no need to harvest &overcorrection. Fillers are more precise, but lack the longevity of fat.

Key words: Fat transfer; filler, Rejuvenation, Tissue augmentation

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