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Thread-lift for facial rejuvenation

Thread-lift for facial rejuvenation

Writter : Dr Anahita  Vali (Dermatologist & venereologist)

Background: As one ages the underlying soft tissues of the face progressively lose their elasticity and volume. This results in the appearance of jowls along the jaw line and deepening of the the grooves extending from the corner of the nose to the corners of the mouth (naso-labial grooves). The Stitch Lift elevates these sagging tissues to refresh / rejuvenate the face. In 2004, the FDA approved the Contour ThreadLift with patented Contour Threads suture, which was introduced by Dr. Gregory Ruff, M.D.

 The Stitch Lift is a minimally invasive procedure carried out under sedation and local anaesthesia, taking around two hours to perform. The effect not only lifts the sagging tissues, but also lifts the skin, smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles, the naso-labial folds, the corners of the mouth and the jaw line. The skin tightens into its newly held position. Over time collagen forms around the threads and so maintains traction on the soft tissues.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effectiveness, safety and longevity of thread lift for facial rejuvenation.

METHODS &MATERIALS: A literature search of PUBMED & Google scholar was conducted of all English-language articles published from 2000-2015.

RESULTS: Thread-lift is safe but does not produce changes as drastic as the traditional facelift and is not permanent, lasting a few years.. Results vary enormously depending upon both the patient and the skill of the individual surgeon. The results are subtle but effective.

CONCLUSIONS: Thread-lift is a safe method for rejuvenation which  is ideal for 35-55 years old patients. Efficacy is about 20% of surgical lift & longevity about 2-5 years. For best results must be combine with other methods of rejuvenation e.g. filler and Botox injection.

Key words: Tread-lift, Rejuvenation ,Face-lift

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